Oakland County CISMA staff are knowledgeable and have access to a wealth of information about invasive species found in Oakland County. Feel free to contact the Oakland County CISMA with any questions you have about invasive species! If you are unsure how the CISMA can help you, check out our membership benefits or the ‘about us‘ page.

Oakland County CISMA Director

Erica Clites

Oakland County CISMA Technician

Emily Messick

You can also contact us through our Facebook page. Just click message!

Want to know more about OC CISMA Staff? Check out ‘Board and Staff

Want help with invasive species but don’t live in Oakland County? We can get you in contact with your local invasive species management group or you can look them up here.

Invasive Phragmites and Invasive European Frogbit, contact us to learn more about invasive species
Invasive Phragmites and Invasive European frog-bit