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Invasive species do not recognize property boundaries of private land parcels. Stopping the management of an invasive species at a property boundary makes it more difficult to control the entire infestation. The Oakland County CISMA works with our members and citizens to create partnerships to manage invasive species in each place they are found.

Do you have invasive species on your property that you are interested in managing? Read on to find out how the Oakland County CISMA helps facilitate that work!


Participating in a private land treatment program has many benefits, including:

  • Lower treatment costs with bulk pricing options
  • Work done by contractors who have been vetted by the county or township for reliability and expertise
  • It is unnecessary for you to call multiple contractors to request quotes!

Private land treatment programs currently exist for Phragmites (common reed) in Oakland, Orion, and Independence townships, as well as in the city of Rochester Hills. The management of Phragmites raises property values, improves drainage, reduces fire hazards, and supports our native plants and animals!


In 2019, the Oakland County CISMA partnered with Groveland Township to facilitate private land treatments.

In 2020, the Oakland County CISMA is partnering with Holly Township to facilitate private land treatments. Letters were mailed to affected homeowners in Holly Township. If you received a letter and would like to participate, please send the included forms directly to the contractor, Cardno Inc. If you have questions about the project and want to speak with someone in Holly Township, contact Amy Hillman, Assistant to the Supervisor (248-634-9331 ext. 307). If you want to speak with someone from Cardno about a no-cost estimate, contact Patrick Duffy (

In 2021, Oakland County CISMA is partnering with Brandon, Holly, Groveland, Milford and Rose townships on private land treatments. Many residents will receive letters or contact CISMA or your municipal office to request a form for a free quote.

We look forward to working with you to facilitate the treatment of invasive species on your property!


  • Do I have an invasive species on my property?
  • I have general invasive species control and/or management questions, how can I ask the OC CISMA?
  • There is no private land treatment program in my community, can I still have invasive treatment done?
    • Yes! Directly contact Oakland County contractors authorized to treat invasive species to request a quote.
  • Who pays for the cost of treatment?
    • Oakland County CISMA and our members do not currently have any funding to offset treatment costs, so the property owner would pay for the invasive species treatment.

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