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Interested in becoming a member of the Oakland County CISMA? Learn more about how to join and benefits of membership below!

Invasive Flowering Rush, join CISMA to receive help and advice with invasive species

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To join, members must be governmental units (townships, cities, villages, county), non-profit organizations, or universities. To see if your organization or municipality is already a member, view our current member list here.

Pictured: Invasive Flowering Rush

Oakland County Parks and Recreation Commission invasive species funding

Oakland County CISMA members and all Oakland County municipalities are eligible for 2022 project funding! Please review the 2022 project guidance [PDF] and presentation slides [PDF] before submitting a project [WEBLINK]. Fiscal year 2022 projects must be submitted by January 14!

You can also view the Oakland County Parks and Recreation funding website here [WEBLINK].

You can find the 2022 list of CISMA priority and early detection species here [PDF]. Oakland County CISMA staff can help with invasive species mapping to provide project acreage estimates. Please Contact Us!

Join OC CISMA: What are the Member Benefits?

  • Access to expertise in invasive species control, contractor selection, and private land owner support
  • Mapping and strategic planning support
  • Surveying and monitoring of emerging invasives
  • Invasive species training
  • Public education and outreach
  • Informational brochures specific to Oakland County
  • Access to ongoing Road Commission for Oakland County funds to treat priority invasive species in rights-of-way
  • Increased communication among partners and outreach to stakeholders

Interested in learning more? Read our full brochure about membership! [PDF of brochure]

Interested in joining? Review our Memorandum of Understanding and Bylaws! [PDF of MOU] [PDF of Bylaws]

Want to join us at a meeting? Check out the dates here!

Past Meeting Presentations

Oakland County CISMA Steering Committee meetings often have educational presentations from experts on selected invasive species topics. View some of these past presentations below!

  • James Wieferich, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Presentation on Forest Pests [PDF of PowerPoint]
  • Dr. Marianna Szücs, Michigan State University
  • Paige Filice, MSU Extension Educator, Preventing Invasive Species Introductions through Research Based Outreach to Hobbyists and Retailers in the Pet and Garden Trade [PDF of PowerPoint]

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