Prevention | Restoration

Prevention and restoration are two key steps in inhibiting the spread of invasive species. There are many things that you can do to help prevent the spread of invasive species, and help restore our natural communities!

Through our pages about prevention and restoration, you can learn the things listed below.

  • How you can help to prevent the spread of invasive species
    • Such as: volunteering to map or remove invasive species in your area
  • Learn about campaigns that are helping with invasive species prevention
  • How to restore your property with native species
  • Why you should choose native species for restoration

In order to practice prevention and restoration, some background knowledge on invasive species is helpful. Through our website and other resources, you can learn the following things by clicking on their respective links:

Still have more questions? Feel free to contact the Oakland County CISMA to ask us questions or ask for advice on managing invasive species on your properties in Oakland County.

Native plants, like Skunk cabbage, provide resources for native animals and biota to thrive. Learn more about invasive species prevention and restoration here.
Native plants, like Skunk Cabbage, provide resources for native animals and biota to thrive.

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